Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saturday Morning, Redux

I had a very very busy day today. 

Professor Lippmann was every bit as wonderful as the Humanities Seminars' introductory video had led me to believe that he would be.  I was delighted to find out that he loved Scullard's first paragraph as much as I did.  My classmates are a different crowd than I'm used to seeing; perhaps the history groupies take another set of courses than do we lovers of all things ancient and Greek.  It was three wonderful hours , and then the morning was gone.

I met with Michelle from TTT  over lunch at Rincon Market (possibly the best salad bar in Tucson) where we laughed over the fact that she was late but I didn't care because there was a Bridal Calendar next to a faux wedding cake and I was deeply engrossed in Cool Color Schemes. I hardly noticed the passage of time.  We planned and plotted and agreed on so many things that I wonder if we were separated at birth.

She had to run and I had an empty hour before Pilates at Amphi Middle School so I drove to Amster's office for free wi-fi and a hug.  Officer Morrison stopped me for going 43 in a 30 zone.  I offered my license and insurance card.  He took the license, never asked for my registration, and returned with my license in his outstretched palm as he said "You've had enough to deal with this year.  You don't need a ticket."  

I burst into tears.  He asked if I was all right.  I was just overwhelmed by his kindness, I replied.  Insert pause as I sniffle and he looks at me before replying, "Well, I could write you the ticket if it would make you feel better....."

Don't you just love Tucson?  I sure do.

I'm too tired and teary to write much more tonight, so I offer you a glimpse of what it was like a year ago in our town.  This event is happening again this coming weekend, and I'm sure it will be just as much fun as it was in 2010, albeit with a slightly different purpose.  It's the 3rd piece of TTT's commemoration of the life of Gabe Zimmerman, Congresswoman Giffords' aide, who lost his life on January 8th.

Another reason to love our town: we don't wallow, we move.

Enjoy this blast from the past.
It was busy downtown.

Yes, this counts as a busy Saturday morning in the heart of downtown Tucson.
Granted, the streets were closed off for the race, but there wasn't that much traffic to be diverted.  I managed to find an unmetered space on the street, right near the Art Museum and this little gem which I discovered as I was walking to the finish line

The arrow points to a little ceramic house that's just sitting there, smiling.
It reminded me of Tucson itself.  Understated, blending in with the scenery, not demanding very much but offering quite a lot if you take the time to notice.

The event was supported by many of Tucson's healers, 
who offered free massages in the sunshine

and in the shade

The Pilates Magic Circles were out in the Stretching Area.
It looks ridiculous but I promise that it feels great.

The fans were everywhere... although not all of them were interested in the race.  
Tucson's Meet Yourself festival was running concurrently.
Maybe this family came downtown for that?

There were low-riders tenderly cared for by their young gentlemen.

The white one turned on its side.... it was quite something to see. 
At least, I thought so.  No one else seemed to move from their positions.
Have we become that jaded that a car on its side doesn't rate a raised eyebrow or two?
There was some nifty entertainment, too.

The Lion Dancers were loud and graceful and kinda almost not really scary once they got started.  Before the performance, the cast members were just hanging out.
The Tucson Pterodactyls, our newly formed wheelchair rugby team, put on a demonstration as the runners were coming in.  They had a valet parking spot nearby, where they changed their regular chairs for ones armored for the challenge. 

It was hard to get a clear shot of them in action.  This was not a peaceful experience.
tried to link to their website, but I don't think it exists.

As always, the food choices were eclectic.

but the runners were happy.

There were lawyers

PCBA= Pima County bar Association

 and lovely ladies

and people with causes

and lots of achy feet

Notice the left foot out of the shoe... by the arrow

I walked back to my car past the vendors who stalk the outside of all of our festivals.
The merchandise is bright and colorful and made in China.
If I had grandchildren, I'd probably be tempted.

It was a lovely walk on a balmy fall morning, and it renewed my faith in Tucson's ability to have a good time.

I also found a kindred spirit.

NO, that is not she!  That's what grabbed my attention as I came around the corner.
The little dog was yapping and the cobwebs were blowing in the breeze

and the delightful homeowner, sweeping up the loose pieces in front of her wrap around white porch fence, (another of my someday I'll have one dreams)

was all too happy to pause and agree with me that Tucsonans are slackers when it comes to All Hallows Eve.  We chatted about her collection and The Burrow and I found my car.

Driving up to meet Amster and the other PCBA runners for breakfast at Blue Willow.
my progress was impeded by a freight train.

I didn't mind it a bit.
I sat there, snapping pictures and listening to the clickety-clack and feeling pretty good.

It was a lovely morning.
I wish you could have been there to share it.


  1. HOORAY for Tucson and especially for Officer Morrison. He's a winner!!

  2. 'Feel like I just got a free vacation in Tucson! Great pictures. Officer Morrison for Sheriff!!

  3. Fun, fun. Next time you're at the Rincon Market, let me know! I'll come meet you!

    And Officer Morrison. What a guy :)


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