Friday, May 20, 2011

Republican Soup

Is anybody else out there enjoying watching the Republicans squirm?  Please please please tell me I'm not alone here.  I'm having so much fun; it seems a shame to keep it all to myself.

Poor Ahhhhnold, he'd "gone about as fer as (he) could go"

(and if you've never seen Lawrence Welk this is worth a look)

Term limited into oblivion, he'd peaked and he knew it. It's not that he won't have a good life; it's just that it probably won't be in politics any more.  I can't be the only one who has given up defending him.  He's toast.

The Trump-meister has gone back to worrying over the future of MeatLoaf and surveying his shining towers in the sky.  He didn't like being the butt of the President's humor at the Correspondent's Dinner.
The whole 5+ mins is great, but for my purposes, start at 3:11 into Mr. Obama's remarks.

And that was before we knew what had been keeping the President up at night.    

I love this image from the Correspondent's Dinner; Seal Team Six was up and running and he was seventeen places at once in his brain but right then he was enjoying watching The Donald's discomfort.  
President Barack Obama
I start to giggle every time I see that face.  That's why it's so big.  I want to draw you into the joy that our President and I are sharing.  For the first time in a long long long time we have some traction and we're going to revel.  Just a little, because we're Americans and we're not going to spike the football, as he would be telling 60 Minutes the following Sunday evening.   But there's nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself every once in a while, now is there?

Then the whole bin Laden thing came out and there was Mr. Obama looking all macho and presidential and Mr. Trump took his hair and went home.  Comedians and bloggers all over the universe sighed; so much for the easy prompt.

Mike Huckabee is happy sharing tv time with Ted Nugent.  Ted is still a bad boy, only now it looks more like stupidity than anything else.  

Yes, that is Mike Huckabee rocking out.  Oy.  Vey.  Iz.  Mir.  
I'm posting the lyrics at the end of this piece. 

I suppose I ought to be glad about that.  I don't know enough about his politics, but his taste in music leaves a lot to be desired.

Mitt Romney, the human chameleon, is now trying to wiggle out of the fact that he created a health care welfare state in Massachusetts.  He's never had a problem changing his mind before, so I'm not too worried about him. is a fascinating storehouse of easily readable data; according to them, only Hilary spent more to lose to Barack Obama.   The Romney campaign spent $107,142,234.  The next most expensive also-ran-extravaganzas are John Edwards (another of my favorite philanderers) and Rudy Guliani (who seems to be moving to South America for a while).  They hover around $58million.  

I love the fact that Romney spent $17million of his own money to finance his 2008 run.  Just think of it - he could have given that money to finance the campaigns of Dennis Kucinich, Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Tom Vilsack and Tommy Thompson (does anyone else think all those Tom's are creepy?) with enough left over for Alan Keyes, Mike Gravel and Jim Gilmore.  Or he could have given it to the United Way.  It might have done some good.

And then there's Newt.  Good ole Newt, giving me an issue whenever I turn around.  For some reason or other he is apologizing to the Republican Party.  This is a neat trick, because I cannot seem to locate the Republican Party.  I can find the Tea Party and the Republican Speaker of the House and I can find obscure men debating at an event that not even their mothers knew was happening.  But the GOP?  Home to Eisenhower and Nixon, last bastion of something or other that was never going on in my house.... those people seem to be, like Clementine, lost and gone forever.

It's nice to laugh every once in a while, isn't it? 

If you are easily offended just click through to the comments or go on about your life.  Believe me, you're not missing anything important.  At all.  Puerile, pseudo-porn, crap.  

And Mike Huckabee was offended by a rapper encouraging young people to stay away from cop killers...... somebody's not paying attention there..... or at least not reading the lyrics.

Cat Scratch Fever

Well I don't know where they come from

But they sure do come
I hope they comin' for me
And I don't know how they do it
But they sure do it good
I hope they doin' it for free

They give me cat scratch fever
Cat scratch fever

The first time that I got it
I was just ten years old
I got it from some kitty next foor
I went and see the Dr. and
He gave me the cure
I think I got it some more

They give me cat scratch fever
Cat scratch fever

It's nothin dangerous
I feel no pain
I've got to ch-ch-change
You know you got it when you're going insane
It makes a grown man cryin' cryin'
Won't you make my bed

I make the pussy purr with
The stroke of my hand
They know they gettin' it from me
They know just where to go
When they need their lovin man
They know I do it for free

They give me cat scratch fever
Cat scratch fever


  1. AB, I'm lovin' it too! And I love how Jon Stewart is pointing out Faux News' hypocrisy regarding Common. I've never liked Ted Nugent. Always thought he was creepy. Maybe it's that whole hunting thing he goes on and on about.

    And don't even get me started on Newt. I didn't like him when he was speaker of the house and I really don't like him now. He's a panderer. I think he also must be living in a different time 'cause he isn't putting two and two together to realize that everything he says can be played over and over again. I don't know about anyone else, but I sure don't want someone in the presidency that doesn't even understand modern technology.

    Thanks for the great post today.

    Megan xxx

  2. YAY! So glad you are laughing with me. Poor Newt-the talking heads had a field day with him and all I could do was giggle.

  3. I woudn't have that face on anything I owned...Geez...debbie

  4. Thank you - I just love waking up in the morning to like minded, intelligent, humorous women! Trump creeps me out even more than the creepinator. The person who is even creepier in a direct threat sort of way is Paul Ryan. Why did Eddy Munster ever get this far in politics?

    Oh, and I helped arrange a protest in Second Life when Newt spoke there (in an event he purchased) - he is one sick puppy!

    I do however plan to blame you for my having that hideous song running through my mind today!

  5. Let's all do a secret little thumb's up to each other.....nothing blatant or in bad taste, but with a little smile on our faces as we continue along with our day.
    Ya gotta love it.
    Let's just hope we get a few more of them.

  6. alwaysinthebackrow, how about a terrorist fist bump like Michelle and Barack do? ;)

  7. I love it when we are on the same wavelength, it just makes my heart sing!

    Isn't the Republican field a hoot? Newt and his latest bride Calista are almost imploding before they even get started!

    Thanks for the smile and your razor sharp political wit... happy weekend to you my friend!

  8. I'm laughing too, and it feels sooooooo good!

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