Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gardening On A Leg and A Half

I couldn't carry very much.  I had to plan ahead and bundle my errands.  I had to keep track of everything and remember not to leave anything behind because I really didn't want to have to walk any further than necessary.  But I managed to limp around with my cane and my equipment and my plants and my gloves and I spent three or four lovely hours in the sunny and breezy afternoon.  At the end,  everything I'd purchased at Rillito was in the ground and irrigated.  I even have the pictures to prove it.

One basket carried my two trowels and the delicious basil which almost ended up in the front courtyard but didn't.

See the cool walking stick?  Created by Daddooooo for our first Chanukah in Marin, I've decided that it is the perfect tool for this next stage of getting well.  It's really and truly mine:

There's my S in brass studs. 

The petunias are holding their own in the heat, though I imagine that they will be replaced by vinca before the Spring is over.  There are two in the front with the petunias and one in this sunshine pot I brought with me from Marin.   

Concert Pal gave me these before she left for the summer.  I'm not up to getting them into the ground right now; getting down onto the ground myself is still an issue.  So, for now, they sit to the side of the front hardscape, enjoying their plastic pots and mocking me.  I'll get there soon enough.

I moved around to the back yard and the raised veggie garden.

The basil and mini-yellow peppers went in after I finished working on the irrigation tubing.

The tomato plants start out with these pretty little flowers

and they turn into these little beauties

Despite my brother's protestations to the contrary, these are not Michael Pollan's $80 tomatoes.  These grape and yellow pear varieties will provide Mr. 5 and me with endless afternoons of snacking as we harvest and watch MOTG's handmade hummingbird feeder.

I might not be able to load 20 pounds of potting soil onto my garden cart, but I had a pretty successful day in spite of myself.  


  1. You go, girl!! xoxo Can't wait to see the results later this summer, I hope.

  2. I'd say you've done extremely well. I managed to plant lettuce today. It's weather that keeps me out of the garden--Memorial Day weekend is the target for planting in Vermont.

  3. Yay!!! I am so glad to see that you are gardening again. You know, some days, there is no where that I would rather be on earth than working in my yard. Today, we weeded our garden at school and we are ready to plant! I hope that you enjoy the hummingbird feeder. And I hope the hummingbirds enjoy it, too!

  4. Oh, Olga... by Memorial Day most everything is wilted and desperate here in the desert southwest. Oh, MOTG, the garden did soothe my sorry soul. We are meant to be with one another, it seems.

  5. You've heard of the Slow Food movement? We're pioneering the Slow Gardening movement. We can't move fast, but we can still nuture, and commune with those lovely growing things.

    Crave the cane. Funny coincidence, that. Last fall in DC and Fredericksburg, I had to accept that I need a cane for covering much ground in a day. We were strolling along in Fredericksburg's darling little downtown and I stuck my head into a shop and walked out with a hand-carved cane with a small wolf's head carved into the handle. (Choices were few, but the alligator-headed cane had sharp points and there was no way I was carrying an elephant cane.)

    In honor of the Burrow Way, I named my wolf Luther, The Sincerely Helpful. He's not fierce looking, just very concerned and intense. I used him all day yesterday to ease my way around Brookgreen gardens. My shoulder's a little sore, but I managed to keep up.

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