Friday, April 22, 2011

On Vacation

Happy Earth Day, denizens!

TBG and I are visiting Little Cuter and SIR in Chicago.  I flew without trouble, though TSA in Tucson had some issues with my walker and my cane and the x-ray machines.  My repaired hip didn't set off any alarms and pre-boarding put us in the bulkhead seats with plenty of leg room for TBG's long legs and my achy short one.

It's cold and crowded and I'm having too much fun sitting on the couch snuggling with my girl to think about anything worth writing or reading today.  So, while you are planting a tree or recycling refuse or otherwise celebrating one of my favorite made-up holidays, I am going to continue to hug her and revel in the familial joy.

Have a great weekend.  I'll be back on Monday with more in the continuing adventures of Ashleigh Burroughs.


  1. Maybe some wedding planning? Oh, goody! Hugs to LC and SIR.

  2. Have a good time and give our best to Little Cuter. xoxxo

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