Friday, April 15, 2011

A Charming Rascal

First things first : What is it with the hair?

Are those enough hints? Did you already know that I'm writing about The Donald, father of a Georgetown classmate or two of Big Cuter, possible candidate for the presidency of these United States of America.

Is this really happening? 

The man has been married three times and is looking to be embraced by the family values crowd. 

He's lost more money in more real estate deals than we'll all make in our collective lifetimes and he wants us to put him in charge of the federal budget.

I thought it was strange here in Arizona, but maybe the rest of you ought to sit up and take a look at what's happening out there.  Or maybe you have already noticed, and I've been too self-absorbed to realize it.  But self-absorption brings us right back to Donald Trump, doesn't it.

Watching the talking heads this afternoon - and yes, it is nice to be doing something normal for a change - I was struck by the tone of the comments.  Chris Matthews was a guest at one of the weddings.  He's bemused by his friend's antics.  There is none of his usual ranting and raving.  A reporter from Time laughed at himself - the interview was shameless self-promotion but he enjoyed it nonetheless. 

Trump is a clown, a man who made a mockery of himself on television and doesn't know it.  I can't imagine a genuine business person taking him seriously.  He's putting second-tier formerly famous people through their paces and he wants me to elect him to the presidency? 

I'm more than bemused.  I'm outraged.

Is this what it has come to?  A centrist Democrat holds an open air forum and takes a bullet to her brain.  A woman from middle America tests the presidential waters while momentarily mis-placing Lexington and Concord.  Our president plays rope-a-dope with the budget while the elderly and their children wonder if Tea Party zealots have aging parents, too.  And The Donald wants to be President.

What has been going on since I've left you people in charge? 


  1. "What has been going on since I've left you people in charge?"

    A tragi-comedy as only Will Shakespeare could have written it. With court fools and a wild queen with blood on her hands. With Gonerils and Regans and ruthless, destructive Edmunds with no real direction but a huge bone to pick. With Caius in the Senate and Cassius, too.

    High drama and low entertainment with "no spur
    To prick the sides of my intent, but only
    Vaulting ambition, which o'erleaps itself,
    And falls on th'other."

  2. You make me smarter, Nance. "Ambition" indeed.

  3. Unfortunately this all began more than thirty years ago and more than who is in charge right now, what's with the people today who vote for them? That's what I want to know! Have we as a nation learned nothing? I don't think I want to know the answer to that :(

  4. It is very depressing. Our country has lost its mind and its way. The new direction I thought we were headed in has turned out to be a big U-turn. And look who's driving!

  5. I cannot believe that all the brilliant talented people in this country just refuse to enter the political scene, so we end up with clowns like sarah palin and the donald. Not only that, but they have fans! Oh well, I am an old woman and I guess we don't get it.

  6. As Jon Stewart says, he a professional megalomaniac. He doesn't have thick enough skin (or hair) to run for POTUS!

  7. I think we lost control of our country back around the time that Dr. Strangelove was made. Those characters they were parodying were real folks in political life back then, but the left didn't take them seriously and continued to let the wackos build power, prestige and numbers. If I ever get to meet you in person Suzi (I'm in Tucson) I will bend your ear about my mother-in-law the right wing propagandist in the McCarthy era on up through the 70s.

  8. AB, you would love this story. We came to the Outer Banks in NC today and as we were waiting at a light, a man in a huge pick-up truck started honking his horn and giving us the finger. He then sped around us as we came away from the light. All while he was pulling a trailer and almost hit our minivan.

    Unfortunately, we get a lot of this. See our license plate says BHO N 12 and we have a Democrat sticker on our car.

    What's happened to this country is that people like that guy in the pick-up truck are voting. They pick these idiots that don't care about them or their interests.

    I just don't get Donald Trump. How can anyone in mainstream America even relate to this guy? He's eccentric beyond words and all of the crap he keeps spewing about Obama's birth certificate is to get people in the Tea Party to latch on to his ideas. They aren't the brightest people so just give them one thing to latch onto like the whole birther movement that Trump is promoting, they will follow anyone that questions Obama being an American.

    Nerthus, don't even get me started on my MIL. She stayed with us before the election and asked us one night at dinner about Sarah Palin. I said with a straight face that I thought Palin is dumb as brick and that shut her up. She never brought up Palin again. ;)

    Hope everyone is having a great day.

    Megan xxx

  9. It's all become Entertainment Tonight,or whatever show of celebrities is on now. I've lost track. No one wants to take things seriously, they just want to be entertained, and those who make it on these shows, like the Donald, et al, are the ones to whom the populace turn for the solutions to all problems. If you're on ET, or other reality shows, then you must be someone important who can make important decisions for us. YUCK.

  10. I'm sorry -- but I just can't take Donald seriously. Every thing he says is consistently proved wrong.

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