Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seen in an Airport

I have a 7:30am flight today. Tucson to Houston to Charlotte and MTF.   My visit to My True Friend has morphed into a mini-reunion of the Class of 1969.  The girls who were sweet in high school are still sweet as adults, and two of them are joining us for a visit to the Carolinas.  I've packed for 6 days in the Little Cuter's soccer bag; sundresses roll up into teeny tiny little balls and flip flops aren't much bigger.  Traveling light, that's me. 

I can't promise to have time to write every afternoon, so I'm scheduling some things I've found in the ether.  MTF is a doer and I fear my time to reflect and report will be constrained by the walking and talking and seeing and shopping and viewing and being. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend. I know I will. 
I'm pretty sure I won't see anything this cool today.  The music is pretty nice, too.