Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Random Thoughts on a Random Day

The World Series should be over by now. Yom Kippur has come and gone and they're not even in the LCS (and how long did it take me to figure out what an LCS*is??) . It used to be that all the dads would congregate at the home of the closest congregant during the afternoon recess from prayer and watch the last few innings of the game. There was always a game on Yom Kippur, or so it seemed. Kids were never invited; women were not included. No way was I ever a participant.

Making plans for the Cuters to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's $200 more expensive for them to fly in after work/school releases them, but we'd pay double that for the pleasure of their company. TBG and I do just fine while they're off living their lives, but the house feels much more complete when they're around. We've moved so many times that it's not they're in their rooms and it's just like always. Rather, it's more they wanted to spend their time off with us and doesn't that make us smile. We're not looking backwards. We're enjoying the moment.

That last sentiment is my answer to "How do you move around so often?" I have loved everyplace that I've lived and I can hardly wait to see where I end up next. Maybe, at the end, I'll sell everything and sign up for one of those around-the-world-forever cruises. I think I read somewhere that it's cheaper than living in an apartment on land.

Autumn has officially arrived in the desert southwest. It's cool when I go out to get the newspaper now. Just two weeks ago I worked up a sweat between the end of the driveway and the front door; this morning I needed the hood up on my sweatshirt. OK, I'm a serious weather wimp --- it was in the mid-60's. And the sun was up. And there wasn't any wind. Still..... that's 40 degrees cooler than it was when I was sweating two weeks ago.

I bowled a 136 today! Liliana gave me pointers and I was an obedient pupil and I had the second highest score in the second game. We're not going to talk about the first game. G'ma was there, kibbitzing with the ladies and enjoying herself. She hugged me when I threw a gutter ball on a spare. How lucky am I to have her around?

You may have noticed that I've sold out to The Man, or in this case, the women. The Little Cuter has taken over as my business manager and is promoting the Burrow everywhere. Blogher is a community of women bloggers, and the ads are screened for awfulness, or so it seems thus far. TBG has said that unless it makes money it's a hobby and not a business... click on those ads and let's show him that this is for real.

*League Championship Series..... for those of you who want to know but don't want to take the time to look it up


  1. Now we all know autumn is just a relude to winter, but we hate to admit it! Cool nights in the 40s have me trying to figure out where to put all those oversized flower pots.

  2. Hi, MizMell! Thanks for reading. My son is always surprised to visit in the winter and find pottery and greenery beneath his sunny bedroom window.


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