Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thoughts on Sports

Tim Finchem, PGA Tour Commissioner, has to be the least media-savvy talking head I've heard this week. I just listened to him link his organization to the BCS on PTI ...... "Everyone hates the BCS, but everyone's talkin' about 'em." Wonderful. So what if no one understands it? The rules are there and they're not changing and, hey, any publicity is better than no publicity at all. It was another one of those I can't believe he's saying that out loud moments.

The boys were commenting on Suzy Kolber's new hairstyle during one of their frequent "did you see that????" phone calls last weekend. So much for their consistent response when I'm amazed that they've not noticed a change: "HAIR ??? No group of guys sees a beautiful girl and says 'Great Hair!!'"

Why in the world is Brent Musberger still on the air? We remember him from WBBM in Chicago back in the late 20th century (isn't that what you'd call the years around 1975?) He was no spring chicken then; Kirk Herbstreit looks like a 12 year old next to him. I always want to put a comfy chair under Brent's behind and offer him a glass of tea. He's been repeating the same things over and over with the exact same level of enthusiasm for as long as he's been annoying my eardrums. Isn't there anyone of another generation who could replace him? There has to be someone between the ages of 19 and 50 who could do the job, wouldn't you think?

I just re-read that last piece, and it feels lots harsher than I'd intended. Actually, that's probably not true - I've been saying that out loud to all and sundry for years. Somehow, seeing it in print makes it different. So, to be clear: I don't think Brent is an evil man or a bad person. I do think his time has come and gone. He should feel free to comment and tell me I'm a bloviating idiot.

Dallas Clark is the poster child for ab work. He caught the ball at speed, he got bumped and shoved and grabbed (ok, ok, so it wasn't such a great tackle... but still......), he nearly lost his footing but kept his momentum and his balance then he sped up again and outran the defense into the end zone. You don't do that without core strength. No more sleeping through pilates for me ........

I'm getting a lot more reading done now that TBG is occupied with football every day but Tuesday and Wednesday. We're storing all our shows on the DVR and having a commercial-free-midweek-television-extravaganza.

Best Sports Movies List In No Particular Order: Bull Durham, Angels in the Outfield (both versions are sweet), It Happens Every Spring, Hoosiers, Rudy, Major League, Glory Road, Bend It Like Beckham (if only to see Keira Knightley play soccer)..........

Have a better list? You can always comment and tell me.


  1. No love for The Natural or Field of Dreams? There are definitely folks who'll burn you in effigy for those omissions.

    Also, thoughts on the semi-sports movies like Rocky or Karate Kid?

    And I'm as big a Keira Knightly fan as there is (still one of my two potential future wives, Scarlet will come to her senses one of these days...), but I honestly think the best Beckham reference in movie-dom is from Love Actually -"The land of David Beckham's right foot. David Beckham's left foot for that matter."

  2. OH!! and Mighty Ducks! - how many sports movies CREATED a major league franchise!?

  3. I thought about Mighty Ducks, but couldn't remember if I liked the movie or just lusted for one of those cool jackets!

    Karate Kid doesn't have that much sports action in it. It's like saying Heaven Can Wait/Here Comes Mr. Jordan are sports movies.

    I really don't like The Natural (nor would anyone else who'd read the book - Malamud and happy endings just don't go together)and Field of Dreams is dull for long stretches (sorry, James Earl Jones.....)

    I exclude boxing movies just as I exclude Gladiator and Fight Club .... beating on people is not a sport.


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