Friday, September 18, 2009

My HP 2140

I have issues with technology, as I've written about before. The Cuters tell me it's because I don't have patience and I just start pushing buttons...... and don't get me started on TBG's take on the subject. I had the temerity to try to watch a movie on the system in the living room without asking him to set it up for me, and when the sound wouldn't come on we had a few tense moments surrounding my answer to "Did you push any buttons?!?!?!?!????". Suffice it to say that it's not my long suit.

Setting up my fax machine this afternoon was an exciting experience. The packaging was easily removed, and the sticker on the handset came off in one piece, leaving no residue behind. I can't remember the last time I avoided using Goo-Gone on something new. I didn't need any tools to open any of the parts. There was a tear here instruction that was really meant to be torn. There was none of that annoyingly tough plastic that requires a pointy pair of scissors and gloves (or fast reflexes) to protect you from the sharp edges refusing to separate from each other. The bags which did not need to be sealed weren't, and those that did were closed with readily openable fasteners. Not a staple (whose points invariably end up in my finger-tips) nor a permanently-fixed-and-needs-a-wire-cutter-to-get-through-it plastic closure.

Every piece was perfectly labeled and explained and fit neatly and obviously into its appointed slot. The quick start instructions were just that, and the longer explanations in the full manual were right where I thought they would be. (How often do you look for something under its obvious heading only to find that the editorial staff has its brains on a different operating system than yours?)

There was even a way to send an test fax to HP and find out if the machine actually works. No need to call the Little Cuter and ask if I could send an exemplar to her office; the company that created the device knew I would need to know and they took care of it for me. Nice. Very very nice.

I hit redial when I shouldn't have, and almost sent personal information to the wrong place. But the Cancel button saved me, and no harm was done. The paper went in smoothly and didn't balk at being grabbed, as our previous fax machine was wont to do. Instead, there was a satisfying click and a whoosh and swiftly, cleanly and neatly 6 pages were sent on their way to Palo Alto.

I managed to silence the sounds and reduce the number of rings and created a header all without uttering a naughty word or throwing something across the room. My family would have been proud.


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