Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And More Baby Pictures

I tried, denizens, I really did.  
I was four paragraphs into a more serious post, and then FlapJilly woke up from her nap.  
That was it for thinking.  It was time for loving. 
There was a lot of that going on. 
When that tush started toddling away, 
my heart followed right behind.
The pink kitchen was a birthday gift.
It's a perfect foil for the toss everything onto the floor stage she's inhabiting right now.
We can discuss the politics of pink kitchens in another post.
For now, I can only discuss the adorableness of playing Where's the Baby? with the living room drapes.
The balls are on loan from FlapJilly's own Mary Poppins. 
She brought them with the mesh bag, but FlapJilly prefers them on the floor.
(cf. pink kitchen comment above) 
The baby tosses and the grandparents clean up.
The baby is not amused. 
and takes action on her own.
Grandma doesn't seem to mind at all.
Look at that face.
Would you argue with anything she did?

One year ago today, she came into the world.
It's time to start on the second million kisses.
Excuse me while I begin.


  1. Happy Birthday, Flapjilly!! Just adorable!

    1. Thanks, EllynJ! The baby and I appreciate your good wishes and the compliment.... and now we must go back to hugging.


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