Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I've Been Busy

Between talking to FlapJilly
and hugging FlapJilly 
I haven't had time to think of anything deeper than the profundity of the love one can conjure up when faced with the eyes of the child of your child.

I know you'll understand.


  1. Love those long, dark eyelashes! Have fun.

  2. If any of my grandchildren were still that small, I wouldn't have time for anything else either.

  3. What a doll! Don't forget to buy her some stuff from Discovery Toys, especially the Super Yummy Teether and the 12 Stacking cups! I am a retired teacher and can hardly wait for grand kids so I can give them some of the toys I love so much! (Sold them for over 17 years!) I carry a new teether (in a bag, of course!) in my purse and give them away to new babies I see! Ask Pam Simon how Aya likes hers!


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