Thursday, May 15, 2014

Urbs in Horto

That's Chicago's motto.
They live up to it.... big time.

I had an hour between dropping Little Cuter at work and meeting old friends for lunch, so I walked.
(Feel free to bask in that sentence.)
I didn't hurt, the weather was warm, the sun was out, and Michigan Avenue beckoned.
Not the stores.... the avenue itself.

The trees are planted in planter boxes.
affording comfy resting places 
for weary travelers. 
Newspaper boxes are interspersed with floral decor.
Staring across the street, debating whether to go into Cartier and drool
I couldn't get past the tulips.
There were lots of tulips.
Lots and lots
of tulips. 
They were planted in stages
so that new ones will bloom as the older ones fade.
There were random decorative items in planters,
and Wet Paint signs on the railings. 
They may not be able to fix the pot holes in the streets, but the wrought iron is beautifully maintained.
Gardeners were planting 
small gardens 
which drew me in closer 
and closer. 
It was a lovely day for a walk....
especially when you and your mom are color coordinated to the flora.
Urbs in Horto.... City in a Garden.....
truer words were never spoken.


  1. Downtown Fresno could sure take lessons from downtown Chicago. Beautiful flowers.

    1. They've been doing it for 25 years... I have a picture of the sign explaining it .... someplace....

  2. I love all the beautiful flowers. Wish DC would do this more too. There's something about spring/summer flowers that just cheers me up. Even if I'm in a bad mood, if I see a bunch of flowers, I smile. Chicago is one of those cities I like to visit.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty with us.

    Megan xxx

    1. I do think Chicago is the best city in America right now. Those flowers certainly put a smile on my face :)

  3. Later in the year, I think they switch out the tulips for petunias and geraniums. I was there last summer and those beds were overflowing with petunias. I is really such a small thing but makes such a big difference in the atmosphere of a city. Even the small city where I work has been planting flowers everywhere. It may be a new urban space design trend?

    1. It's different every season, changing for the holidays, too. It makes a huge difference... as Megan says, it's a ready made smile.


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