Monday, March 17, 2014

Take-Aways from the TFOB

It was sunny and crowded and wonderful.  The lines were long but if you planned for them they created no problems.  Some of the chairs were small and uncomfortable, but most were cushioned and cozy.  The authors were, as always, brilliant and funny and open and honest.

It's the best weekend of the year in Tucson.

I was there from 9 - 5 on Saturday and Sunday. I am exhausted in body and in mind as I am uplifted in heart and soul.  My brain is capable of an overview; in depth analysis will have to wait for a long bath and a good night's sleep.  So, I offer you these quotes.  I hope they resonate with you as they did with me.

We live intertwined on this planet. (Lois Lowry)

People in movies don't go to the bathroom. (Lois Lowry).

I can write a book as bad as that one! (Mike Lawson)

The world is a better place when you're reading a good book. (Valerie Plame)

Scotty, what kind of life is this?  Locked up all day in a room with a pencil. (Scott Turow's grandfather)

Writing is like going upstairs to my study and playing with my imaginary friends. (Scott Turow)

The opposite of progress?  Congress.  (Merl Reagle... take a minute and look at the pro/con... remember that he writes crossword puzzles for a living, and then read on for two more of his groaners.)

Copy Cat is a foolish phrase; when did a cat do anything you asked it to? (Merl Reagle)

Why can't you hear a pterodactyl going to the bathroom?  The P is silent. (Merl Reagle)

How do I imagine my antagonists?  I think of my older brother.  (Robert Dugoni)

I could have written books on baking a chocolate cake, but then I wouldn't get to have police ride alongs.  (Elizabeth Gunn)

As a mystery writer, do you put people you know in your books?  It's tempting, especially as victims. (Elizabeth Gunn).

There was more, much much more.  Someday, maybe you'll all come and join me.

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