Thursday, February 27, 2014

Watching the Kids

Grown up children... is that an oxymoron?

I'm looking across the family room to the kitchen.  SIR is unpacking the treats he bought for his in-laws on his way home from work.  Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Cake put a huge smile on TBG's face, especially since he hadn't asked for anything.  It speaks to the relationship the boys have that SIR knew exactly what would put a smile on his father-in-law's face.

Little Cuter has the cold from hell.  She can't take anything stronger than the occasional Tylenol since Flapjack is growing inside her baby bump.  Congestion, sneezing, and a dry cough left her with a very sore throat.  Channeling Daddooooo, I recommended a salt and warm water gargle.  As she has since childhood, the girl grimaced and refused.  Then, because she is now a grown up and because her throat was on fire and because there were no alternatives, she filled a glass, whisked in the salt, tipped her head back and gargled.  After one rinse, she turned to my comfortably-on-the-couch-ensconsced-self, smiled and said "Oooooo, Mommy, I feel better!"

My smile nearly broke my face. 

She made herself the second part of Daddooooo's home remedy once the gargle was done.  Her Keurig machine brewed Tazo Tea, she added a dollop of honey to the bottom of the cup, and I'm watching her sip the very last drop as I type to you.  She's smiling.  So am I. 

Parenting adults is a challenge.  I want to respect their decisions, but I've been there, done that and it's hard not to share.  Having had wonderful in-laws myself, I know what I need to do.... intellectually, at least.  My natural tendency to fix problems interferes with my better judgment sometimes, and I find myself biting my tongue to keep quiet.  

Youngest children must have had their fill of big people telling them what to do by the time they graduate from high school. Since Little Cuter and SIR are both the youngest in their families, their radar is finely tuned to that particular frequency.  I, the eldest child, am used to giving directions. It could be a messy situation.

But, I am on my guard, cautious about criticism and questions. And I must be doing something right. I've been asked to come and stay for a while after the baby is born.

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