Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Random Thoughts - The OMG It's Hot Edition

I knew it was going to be this way when I moved here.  The movers knew what to expect; they arrived at 5am and were gone by 10. We unpacked in the nude and didn't even notice the other's exposed flesh until hours had passed.  We were just too hot to care.

I've never been so grateful for anything in my life as I was for the pool in the backyard that day.
Facebook is covered with heat-related commentary.  This was my contribution to the thermometer meme.  It felt good to take my hands off the steering wheel long enough to take the picture with my phone.

I'm thinking of adding oven mitts to my First Aid Kit.
There was a lovely breeze stirring the Texas Mountain Laurel this morning.  The sun was just over the mountain tops.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky.  I was sweating by the time I retrieved the newspaper and walked back to the air conditioned house.

It's not even getting to 8am before the temperatures drive me indoors.
TBG's figured out how to adjust the air vents so that the flow keeps him relatively cool when he puts the top down on the shiny red convertible.  Still, he only drives to the gym and back, and then, only early in the day.  He's sweaty when he gets back into the car and that, I imagine, is the only way he can sit on those black seats with the sun pouring down on him as he waits for a traffic light to change.

I can only ride with him once the sun has set.  Without all the vents pointing his way, it's unbearable.
JannyLou has company.

The young male visitor just zipped out of her driveway in the Mini Cooper with the big sunroof wide open.

He's obviously a tourist.
The heater on the pool reads in the upper 140's.  Since we have the thermostat set at 85, the heater thinks it's doing a fine job and won't turn on.  This is not an issue as the day wears on and the sun does her job of speeding up the molecules, but first thing in the morning, shaded and unheated, it's a bit brisk.

By the end of the day, when I'm as hot as I've ever been, a little bit of briskness would be just swell.  If I could only get the pool to cooperate.
Mr. 10 (today! Happy Birthday!!) and I spent a day together last week. We supervised the yard guys as they swept and raked and trimmed and received a much welcomed soaking from our Super Soakers as we flailed around in the pool, watching them work and discussing the value of an education.  We went to two bookstores, one coffee shop, and had ice cream three times.  We played Scrabble (a tie).

The best part, according to my little friend?  Watching Ernie's guys behead the baby rattlesnake which had been hiding beneath their truck.

"I got to see him kill it and everything!" he told his insanely jealous brother.

There are pieces of little boys I just cannot understand.
It's hard to see the sun shine and know the wisest course is to stay indoors.  I remind myself that I don't sit outside for 5 hours in January in Chicago, and so I don't do it in June in Tucson and that should be just fine.... except it's June and every fiber of my being wants to be mucking around in the garden in the middle of the day.

On the other hand, I don't have to shovel it, or slip on it.

My girlfriend is coming to visit this weekend.  I hope this post doesn't scare her off.  I'll have to remind her that it's a dry heat.......


  1. I don't envy you living in that heat.

    And I don't get boys either and their fascination with bugs, snakes and creepy crawly stuff.

    Stay cool.

    Megan xxx


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