Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In the Afternoon....

I'm back on Douglas, Big Cuter to my right, each of us engaged with our netbooks and the Knicks and the Lakers and the holiday.  He's got his "Open Me First" sweatpants on above his new, no-show, running socks.  He chose the t-shirt himself last weekend; it's no surprise that it's keeping him covered now. We're sharing the occasional laugh or gasp or "Need anything from the kitchen?"'s as the afternoon winds down.

The boxes are flattened, the bags collapsed and folded, the ribbons stuffed in the glitter-dripping-everywhere-free-if-you-buy-3-greeting-cards-shiny-red box.  There is no such thing as a free lunch. I'll be finding little bits of red shiny stuff all year long. It's already all over the chair... the floor... the couch... my lap....

My stash is stacked on the wooden table Adele-the-decorator told us we'd have forever.  When she was right, she was right.  We won't talk about the scary fabric she insisted on hanging above our bed in Chicago. It's Christmas and I only want to think happy thoughts.  Everything I can see is soft and useful and it's mostly pastels.  That's not where I usually go, but it feels right this year.

TBG's taken over the hearth with his blacks and greys, the ebon brightened only by the crimson IU tees and the white, crew socks which are nearly 3" deep at the toe padding.  They may not fit into his new shoes, but they'll be perfect as his version of barefoot.  The man likes his toes covered..... there is nothing else to be said.

Big Cuter's pile has a purplish hue.  It's a good thing he was with me when the clothes were purchased; I'd never have guessed that he'd stray so far from the navy and grey that have been the staples of his wardrobe since middle school.

Auntie Em's paperwhites are growing inch by inch as we watch them, the basket and blooming overseen by  Henry VIII.   We'll go next door to JannyLou and Fast Eddie's for dinner with their in-from-out-of-town families and then we'll come back, and put on some more of these new comfy clothes, and start all over again.... on the couch.... together.

I love this time of year.

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