Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Product That Really Works

Visibly more beautiful skin from a body wash by Dove - sure, and I have ocean front property in Nevada I'd like to show you, too.  Your snarky reviewer read the email with more than a grain of salt.

She's been burned before by products promising lustrous this and shining that and all within time frames that seemed impossible.  Visibly more beautiful skin after seven days?  Even I could follow through on a program like that. If it didn't work, I'd lost nothing; they were sending the product my way for free.

The visible care toning container arrived at my doorstep a few weeks later.  The instructions for the reviewing program were simple.  Try it, take a picture, and write about what you thought.

Free soap and a prompt.... I was on it in a flash. 

The label was intriguing; the highest concentration of NutriumMoisture technology across the Dove portfolio. I'm not sure what NutriumMoisture technology is, but there's a lot of it inside that easy to hold container. 

There must be, because this stuff really works. 

As always, I speak only the truth to you.  If I hadn't noticed a difference you'd have been the first to know.  If it had been a close call, I might have swayed toward the I don't think so edge of the seesaw.  But there is no doubt about it - I do have visibly more beautiful skin, and the only change in my beauty routine (such as it is) has been Dove Visible Care Toning body wash.

The product promised to promote skin’s elasticity and strength. Maybe that's the reason my skin looks so much smoother, less segmented by teeny tiny lines that arrived without warning one afternoon a decade or so ago. 
This is my calf before I used Dove Visible Care Toning body wash.
This is my calf after 10 days of using the product.

If this review taught me nothing else, it is that photographing one's own body is a difficult task.  I don't know if you can tell that there's a difference, but TBG sure can.  He reached over and patted that calf and noted a change.

After 42 years, that's reason enough to use the body wash.
There's a sweepstakes entry for everyone who leaves a comment below.  The prize is 2 $500 spa gift cards, courtesy of Dove.  There's also a $1 off coupon to thank you for reading this unpaid (except for the body wash) review.

Don't know what to say?  You might like to answer this question:
Am I the only one who bought the same soap, year after year without thinking about it because it's what Mom/my partner/my roommate always had and it works just fine?

Please, tell me I'm not alone! You'll make me feel better and you'll be entered in the sweepstakes for 2 $500 spa gift cards if you copy your comment at the link below.

First, the goodies. Here's a coupon for $1 off the Dove Body Wash

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Next, the rules :

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  1. WOW! The before and after are amazing. I'm signing-up to win some. Thanks for the review!

    Megan xxx

  2. The code for the coupon didn't work ... I'm on it, Megan.... come back in a couple of hours and there it will be. Here's to beautiful skin!

  3. Great review..and yes, I truly see the difference. COOL! It is hard to take a snap of your own body. I had my husband do the leg shot:)

  4. I picked up a bottle of the Dove body wash and was tempted, but then did not buy it because I still have a different body wash that needs to get used up. (Who makes these rules? Oh, yeah, me.) Now I wish I had bought it and seeing those before/after, I will the next time I go shopping. I bought a bar of French milled soap instead,even though I have dozens of bars of soap.

  5. I was too humiliated to admit that I couldn't photgraph my leg on my own, Debbiedoo :) And Olga, that's exactly the rut I was in before the bottle ended up on my doorstep. I have lots of bars of fancy soaps; I'm going to wrap them with feathers and give them as hostess gifts! I'd hooked on Dove Toning.

  6. Thanks for reviewing.. I entered... I loved Dove Soap when I was younger, but have been trying different soaps.. Now 20 years later, might have to go back

  7. Glad you had such a pleasing Dove experience, A/B! I have been using Dove soaps and, more recently, their body washes for this half of my life. In fact I credit my soap choice with the happy fact that my sister-in-law likes me and approves of me marrying her baby brother, as she was a perfume chemist on Dove. I guess I smell like family to her! Berta from the airport

  8. I'm guilty! We buy whatever is on sale at target and has a citrus-y scent :)

  9. I actually always buy body wash that provides it with much needed moisture, otherwise I end up itchy my legs all day. Currently I use Dove Moisture, but any product with that result will be my next purchase!

    1. Just wait til you see my legs at the wedding..... I can't imagine how gorgeous I'd be if I'd started when I was as young as you are!


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