Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Thoughts for the Weekend

A black man sits in the Oval Office and tells a reporter that he is comfortable with men marrying men. 

America is a wonderful country, isn't it?
I threw a yellow towel in with my light colored laundry.  It was sitting on the kitchen counter and I thought, why not. I'll tell you why not -  the seams of the white shirts are now permanently dyed yellow, my khaki shorts now have yellow pockets and my sports bras are puke-colored instead of pure white.

Remind me never to do that again, please.
It looked like you could walk atop the pool this morning.  The yellow blossoms (see yesterday's post) had covered the water completely.  When the filter turned on at 7am, I could almost hear it groaning.
We must have a road runner nest nearby.  For the first time since we've moved here I've seen a Geococcyx furiously pecking at the mini-meals hidden within my rocky ground cover.  They are funny looking things, for whom flying doesn't seem to come naturally.

Of course, that saves them from crashing into my windows after being duped by the reflection of the trees behind them.  There are many dazed birds cruising my street; I have their outlines on my windows to prove it.
Light rail between Tucson and Phoenix is in the news again this week.  It was in the news six years ago when we moved here and I imagine that it will reappear six years from now, too.  Growing up with the Long Island Rail Road, I was comfortable using public transit when I moved to Chicago.  The Cuters and I took the train to visit friends in the suburbs, to pick up cars at dealerships far removed from our home, to get to the airport.  Moving to San Francisco was a shock - if my kids wanted to go to the city they needed a ride.  The ferry stopped running before concerts ended and there were no other alternatives.

Am I the only one who sees it as a boost for productivity, a tourism enhancement, a corridor booster?  Why they didn't lay rail lines when they built the interstates is a mystery to me.
The road construction in our neighborhood has shifted into a higher gear.  Working on the hill just west of us, back hoe front loaders and mini-dump trucks and half-sized tractors were strewn across the roadway this morning.  I sat, trying not to ride the clutch, as I rolled backward before zooming forward and upward.  Getting to the post office was a chore.... and then the APC was out of order. 

Some errands were just not meant to be.
Mad Men is just getting better and better.  This week's episode, focusing on the music, was as gentle a segue into a new world as I've ever watched.  The definition of cool is no longer in the hands of the guys in the suits with the drunken lunches.

I think I love this show because it's a window into the world of the grown ups while I was just a lass. 
School is ending here in Tucson in two weeks..... before Memorial Day.... before June.... before the temperatures hit triple digits and stay there. 

It's just too soon for the year to be done.  There.  I've said it.
Megan mentioned allergies in her comment yesterday.  Yes, people did move here for the dry, hypo-allergenic air.  They came from the East and the Midwest.  They missed their familiar plants.  They planted their familiar plants - and brought the pollen with them.

For those of us who did not grow up here, spring allergies come as an unpleasant surprise.  Just ask TBG, who managed to live nearly 60 years without a single springtime sneeze..... until he moved to Tucson and found that congestion is the name of the game from April through June.  Poor baby.....
Big Cuter is receiving his Juris Doctor degree on Sunday.  Close your eyes and imagine the world's biggest, proudest smile... then place it on the image you have of my face. 

Yup..... that's how I plan to look all weekend long!


  1. Big Cuter getting his JD is AWESOME!!!!

    I didn't realize about the plants being transplanted to Arizona. So people trying to get away from pollen actually hasn't worked. :(

    Was so happy about Obama's comments about marriage equality. It's a huge step and I'm sure it's pissing off the right. He did a great thing by coming out and saying that people should be free to love and marry whomever they choose. I have to laugh at the hypocrisy of the right. They say they are about small government, but they are so involved in people's personal life-style choices. If you are not white and male, they want to dictate everything that goes on in your personal life. Really makes me angry. Then you have these right-wing politicians that are fooling around. It's as if they are saying, "Do as I say; not as I do". Really irks me.

    Sorry for my random thoughts today.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

    Megan xxx

  2. Woo hoo!! Congrats to Big Cuter, and welcome to the bar! xo

  3. A huge congrats to Big Cuter! That's awesome! Happy Mother's Day to you! xoxo


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