Monday, February 14, 2011

An Update on My Leg

Apparently Little Cuter was not alone in wondering what the story is with my leg. 

Short answer - no one knows.

Long answer - I changed clothes after lunch at Tohono Chul Tea Room with Heidi and noticed splotchy red rashiness and swelling of my wounds and lots of heat in the thigh.  Nothing above or below the thigh, but the front of the thigh itself was interesting enough to warrant a call to the Home Care nurse.... who apparently doesn't exist on Sundays. Heidi said to call the ER and they told me to drive down.  TBG was out enjoying a carefree day..... well, I took care of that quickly enough :(

After quickly being triaged, we waited in the ER until I couldn't sit any longer and promoted myself into a space with a bed and doctors.  By that time - 2 hours after I first noticed it - there was nothing left but a small red line .  The ER docs were baffled.  They probed and pushed and prodded and nodded and finally said that maybe it was vascular (but then it probably wouldn't have resolved that quickly) or maybe it was allergies (TBG wondered if I'd starched just the right leg of my trousers) but they were able to agree that they had no idea and that I shouldn't worry.

Everyone agreed that it was a good thing that I'd come in... everyone but TBG who didn't like being in the waiting room again AT ALL.  The fact that the court case against He Who Should Be Slapped was all over the news on the wall tv's as we sat there didn't help at all.  Not one bit. 

I was discharged with instructions to "Keep doing what you've been doing.  Your leg looks very healthy now" and Heidi drove (slowly) home where foodstuffs and paperbacks were waiting by the front door.

Thanks for the concern, denizens.... and for the love.  Try not to worry about me; I'm doing just fine.


  1. Good news, I guess. I never like hearing the words "we're not sure", but then in medicine surity is rare.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Whew! I was worried. Thanks for the update AB. You have an extended group of friends here that care about you--so writing anything like you are in the ER makes us worry. Alas, all seems to be alright. Thank goodness.

  3. Are they sure you didn't have a little blood clot that was freed from it's hold somehow, maybe by movement. I worked in ICU for many years and we had a case such as yours. Found nothing, but because of the swelling and heat, could have been a clot...debbie

  4. Relieved! But telling me not to worry is, something serious has happened to my similes, so you'll have to supply your own.

    The human body is so dang mysterious!

    I think Heidi drives slowly because she's got my BBF on Board!

  5. I think your leg is just confused and doesn't know how to act. What it is doing is running through different scenarios trying to find the one that feels best.

  6. I apologize. From now on I will call Little Cuter first and then I will blog the details so that none of you will worry. I really do apologize.

    Jerry - I think you are absolutely right. Every time I have a new sharp pain (or a rashy leg) the next day I have new sensations or new abilities. The whole thing is just so confusing... for me and the leg :)

  7. Susan - you are an amazing woman. I just started reading your blog and I love it. I hope to be inpired enough to start my own. What a wonderful way to reflect your thoughts.

  8. What do I think? I think you are wonderful and doing splendidly for where you are at right now. The frustration of enforced idleness, is mightily annoying.


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