Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sports Shorts

We haven't talked sports for a while here in The Burrow.  I've taken the last month away from the worldly cares of politics and the economy and natural disasters while I've focused on the season.  I've baked and wrapped and written and decorated and, behind it all, there was usually a game on the tube.  To those of you who depend upon The Burrow for your sports news and information,  I apologize.  There have been many developments on the sports front, and I have been remiss in my duties.  That is about to change.  Read on for my personal sports highlights.  Those of you who don't care, come back tomorrow for something new and exciting.  
Professional football was a major snore this season.  Last year we watched the New Orleans Saints win their way to the Super Bowl and revive the spirits of a damaged city.  This year has been dominated by a 40something damaged quarterback who hasn't played all that much or all that well but whose text messaging skills have been the subject of much debate.... as has the size of his penis.  The poor girl who outed him seems to have had one too many cocktails while flirting with a Deadspin blogger and revealed more than she'd intended.  Or maybe not.  She sued and got nowhere and now two more women are suing and really, who cares.  Certainly not I.  The fact that Brett Favre was discussed on every single football related show - whether he played or not - began to make me crazy back in September and it didn't get any better as the season went on.  Need a water cooler comment?  "Please, I cannot hear another word about him.  Stick a fork in him.  He's done."
Rehabilitation and redemption been discussed but I'm having a hard time getting past the fact of the murdered dogs.  Michael Vick is gorgeous and talented and has apparently developed a work ethic.  He served his time - in Leavenworth, not a minimum security Michael Milkin prison - and forfeited his wealth and Tony Dungy vouches for him and yet I can't get past the dogs.  I'm not sure that I want to get past it, either.  Here it is: "He's a hell of an athlete but....."
Thanks to boisestategameday.com
There is no playoff system for college football.  The NCAA decides which teams appear in the most prestigious games.  I'm a big fan of Boise State and their blue turf and their coach and their style of play.  But the powers that be don't seem to think as highly of them and used a couple of missed field goals in the final game of the season as cover to shunt the Broncos off to a lesser Bowl Game.  It's more than a matter of ego or a title.  Boise State would have earned $13 million.
The NFL playoffs begin next weekend.  Pete Carroll left USC just as the Reggie Bush mess hit the fan  and now, for the first time in recorded history a team with a losing record (Carroll's 7-9 Seahawks) has secured a post-season berth.  One Manning brother is out and the other is playing in the first round and except for the Bears kinda sorta I really don't care. 
And then there's the whole matter of LeBron James.  He left Cleveland in the lurch in an unfortunate scenario which led to viral videos my favorite of which is this one

He moved to Miami and his season started off slow and there was a lot of blame and sarcasm but now he is winning and I wonder if he, like Michael Vick, has become a teflon player.  Nothing sticks for very long .... as long as they are winners.
Finally, let me weigh in on NFL RedZone.  This is a premium sports channel which toggles between touchdowns all over the league. It's the only time the remote lies dormant on the couch.  The producers are doing all the work.... and, apparently, they are doing it very well.  However,  for a woman who sits in the room but watches only when there is cheering it is an absolute nightmare.  Every time I look up at the screen someone is going across a goal line... there is no story line .... there are only the lines in my forehead as, perplexed, I wonder how my Jets have been replaced by the Bears or the Colts.  It's a puzzlement.


  1. You know I count on you to keep me in the loop, sports-wise.

    With the American penchant for cutting to the chase (a.k.a. instant gratification), The Red Zone sounds tailor made. I'm guessing the advertisers will pile on. And that will, over time, alter the game until, by the time big changes in Social Security actually kick in, the entire game will consist of End Zone Dance competitions judged by an ancient, but ever delectable and much preserved, Paula Abdul.

    Otherwise, the real stories in sports are the interpersonal stories based on the usual human depravities...on steroids. Games, optional.

  2. I hope you know that this post was written with YOU in mind, Nance :)

    "Real Fans", like Big Cuter, think the interpersonal stories are secondary to the action on the field. If it were only the action on the field, I'd never turn it on.

    As I tell him, it takes all kinds... from those of you who are exposed to it only thru The Burrow, through me and my obsession with the people, to rabid fans like my kid.


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