Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Tempest in a Template

22 weeks ago I changed my comment widget to one provided by IntenseDebate.  It's bulky and requires another click but it allows me to reply to your comments through my email in-box and that made it marginally more acceptable than other options.  I added the code to my template and I was off and running.... kinda.... sorta.... but the tech support was wonderful and I've stuck with it.

Now I find that JES is having issues and wants to resign from the on-line discussion.  I find that unacceptable - not his wanting to resign, but the fact that The Burrow is no longer user friendly.  Especially for such a wonderful new friend.  I'll not worry about the fact that his work computer blocks the comment sections since firewalls and I have barely more than a nodding acquaintance.  But I do wonder if others of you out there in the blogosphere have tried to comment and been thwarted by the process itself.  

If you've been reluctant to join the conversation because you don't want to be personally identified, then this is not your issue.  If you create a blogonym (your internet identity -- go crazy and redefine yourself) you can type it into the NAME box, add your email (there's no spam, I never see it, it is not saved on anyone's server, it's merely a means of insuring that you are a human and not a robo-program-spam-monster) and then leave a comment and see if you have problems.  

I hope that you don't.  I hope that you haven't.  I hope that it is an issue reserved for JES and JES alone and for whom I will fashion a solution personally tailored to the foibles of his situation.  But if this is a wide-spread problem I'd really like to know about it.  I can't ask you to comment, obviously, so send me an email at and let me know what's going on.

In the meanwhile, I will be spending the rest of the afternoon looking for the code that IntenseDebate assures me is lurking in the template.  The fact that neither I nor CTRL+F can find it has been creating a gnawing knot in the pit of my stomach.  It looks like I'll be in an electronic conversation with my pals at IntenseDebate once again.

There are times when I pull at my hair and wish for the days of paper and pen, where I could put my hands on the item for which I was searching.  I wouldn't (didn't) have The Burrow then, and that would be sad.  On the other hand, I wouldn't be trying to teach myself computer programming instead of being out in the yard, digging in the dirt.  

On the third hand, the temperatures are climbing to the triple digits again, so, perhaps, I'm better served by staying indoors.

Let me know if you've had issues.  I promise to be back tomorrow with a more interesting topic.
Coda:  JES is not a whiner, nor a complainer.  He is a serious man with a serious issue who gave me the prompt for today's quickie post.  If his issue is your issue be sure to let me know.  You squeaky wheels will be getting your grease soon enough, I promise.

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