Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Orangutan and the Hound

I'm off on an adventure this week.  The Happy Ladies Hiking Club has struck off for New Mexico and the Gila Wilderness.  We are in vans and SUV's and mini-station-wagons with coolers and hiking poles and sunscreen crowded into every nook and cranny.  There are no stores within a reasonable distance of our destination, and that is a good thing for everything except if you forget something.  We are nothing if not anal about not having everything we need all the time - that's why we are stuffed into these vehicles like circus clowns.

I've prepared posts for you for this week, in case the promised wi-fi at the b&b is less than advertised.  We'll be hiking and touring and laughing and learning but I will not forget you, Dear Readers.  There will be something (pre-packaged or up-to-the-minute) here every morning at 6am Tucson Time all week long.  

I'd never disappoint you!
NatGeo is my favorite cable channel.  The pictures are always pretty, and I can turn off the sound and fold laundry, swiffer floors, cook dinner and prune houseplants with lovely images gracing the big screen in the living room.  I found this clip while perusing their website.  I guarantee that it will make you smile.

Enjoy the love:  Orangutan and the Hound