Monday, February 15, 2010

A Bonus Post

Here is a sure-fire way to increase your blog's readership:
  1. Set up an account on Google's Buzz
  2. Link your blog to your Buzz account so that your entire contact list can be notified when you have a new post.
  3. Upload a picture to your blog from Picasa, and forget to click save as draft. 
  4. Recognize your mistake, and, within seconds, change the post from publish to save as draft.
  5. Receive with horror a phone call from your son asking you why you had sent him a BUZZ entitled penis with hands?
  6. Realize that every person who follows you on BUZZ and every person who follows your blog has just received the same notice.
  7. Wonder whether to laugh or to cry......decide to go with the flow and
  8. Write this post and wait.
  9. Be sure to tell the readers that the answer will be revealed in Tuesday's post.
  10. Enjoy the immediacy of the medium.... which is a nicer way of saying enjoy the opportunity to make a fool of yourself at a moment's notice.


  1. Oh, brother! I thought I'd found every possible way to induce a blog-related panic attack, but I'm obviously behind on the technological possibilities! Great save, girlfriend!

  2. OK. This caused much too loud a laugh for this late hour.

    Sorry to be late catching up.

  3. Glad to provide a smile, Jack.. hope we didn't wake anybody up ;-)

    Just wait, Nance.... I'm sure there will be more ways for us to screw things up!


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