Thursday, May 28, 2015

Voting for President

Waiting for carry-out, watching the news on the television above the cash register, hearing nothing, reading the words scrolling across the bottom of the screen, discovering that there is "a clear and present danger to Christianity" here in America... and it's all the fault of gay marriage.

Marco Rubio must know, right?  After all, he's running for the presidency.  

There are seven hats in the Republican ring right now, seven more in the offing.  There's not a one of them who could earn my vote, given the positions they are staking out on ..... well, on almost everything.

I listened to Bernie Sanders last night, and agreed with nearly everything he said.... once I got past the fact that his usually unruly hair was neatly combed and not blowing in the wind.  Did he get a haircut?  Is he trying to appear more mainstream?  I think that is a mistake.... unless his aim is to look more adult so that he cannot be dismissed because his hair is too long.

If anyone out there is listening, he's talking to most of you.  It's too bad he's un-electable, will not un as a third party candidate, "is trying only to turn the conversation to the left," as NPR put it.

Or maybe it's a good thing. I'm not sure that I want to tempt myself with someone-who-isn't-Hillary.  I did vote for John Anderson and Ralph Nader (twice.... crying) so there is some history here.  I worry about myself, sometimes.

But the thought of a president who finds his religion under threat by what strangers do under the sheets is terrifying.  Call me old fashioned, but I think that believing in science is a good thing.

I'm taking no chances in 2016.  I may wish that I were voting for Eleanor Roosevelt or Gabby Giffords but I imagine I'll be joining a long line of other disillusioned voters, gritting my teeth over a choice between the lack of a true moral compass and the utter lack of any qualification at all to be the Leader of the Free World and Commander in Chief of the mightiest nation on the planet.

Oh..... when I write it there, it's really scary. I'm opting for pragmatism leaning in my general direction rather than passionate pandering to beliefs I don't share.

As Seret says, It is what it is. Recognize it, and move along.


  1. I could vote for Sanders in the primary if he makes it this far but I have voted for a long string of losers. I am glad he's not running as a third party as I doubt he could win but he could let any repub win :(

  2. I will vote for Bernie Sanders in the primary (if he runs here in Arizona, if only to make a statement. The general... no way! As you say, Rain, too much chance for disaster in the end.

  3. "gritting my teeth over a choice between the lack of a true moral compass and the utter lack of any qualification at all to be the Leader of the Free World and Commander in Chief of the mightiest nation on the planet. " you have described my dilemma.

    1. And America will be on the receiving end of our decisions.... UGH!

  4. I like Bernie A LOT, but I feel that he's too far to the left and that's coming from someone from the far left. The clowns coming out of the Repub clown car are just downright scary. I like Hillary and even voted for her in the VA primary in 2008. And don't get me wrong, I've always loved Obama too, but I really want a woman in the White House and Hillary is qualified. I'm not understanding the moral compass part, but I will still support her campaign and was invited to a meeting on Sunday by her campaign team. Excited to attend.

    Have a great weekend.

    Megan xxx

    1. I know you love Hillary, Megan, and I worry that I'll annoy you when I talk about her lack of moral rigor. But, Travelgate would have been okay (firing old staff isn't news) but she lied. The Rose Law Firm and her unusual and indefensible profits from Tyson Foods makes me nutty. Using her own server... deleting emails.... really, she is not her own fiefdom.

      Still, I, too, want a woman in the White House and I certainly don't want any of the Republicans climbing out of the clown car (a quote from Little Cheese in a private email to me today) running this country.

      You are exactly the kind of person to keep the Democratic base energized so that ennui doesn't put a right-wing-nut in the White House. You go, girl!

    2. You could never annoy me. I know we feel the same way about a lot of things; so we are allowed to have some differences. :)



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