How To Leave a Comment on The Burrow

Having problems?  Don't fret.  It's the template, not you, Iron Duke.  I've sent this message many times.... don't feel foolish..... you are in good company.

OK... deep breath.  Here we go:

Click on the word COMMENTS  - it is next to an envelope today, April 1, 2011

The screen will blink and refresh without your help.  Previous comments will now be visible.  An empty box will appear at the end of the previous comments.  Scroll down as you read.

Type your words of profundity and brilliance in the box and then ....

Take another deep breath or two.  I know, I know.... this is where you got lost the last time you tried to comment.  I'm with you, though... no worries.

Click on the arrow to the right of the words SELECT PROFILE.  This will  open the drop down box labeled Comment As:

Click on NAME/url.

Fill in your name or pseudonym. Go ahead, be creative.  This is The Burrow, after all, and you are a denizen if you've gotten this far.  Have some fun - Name Yourself - Type in that little box!  No one will check up on you, I promise.

Leave the URL box empty


If a funny word shows up follow the prompts and type it in.

Click POST COMMENT  And there you are!  You are published!  Welcome!


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