Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Stating The Obvious

I'm watching Republicans telling me that Obamacare is failing, that there are counties with no insurers, that premiums are predicted to rise 30 or 40 or 50 percent.  Our President is gleefully blaming the failure of the exchanges on his predecessor.

There is so much duplicity, it's hard to know where to start.

The iconic image of an Insurance Guy starts and ends with boring.  Actuaries love the predictable; they make money by betting on the likely outcome.  They factor in every teeny tiny variable before they decide that you ought to pay them $684 every month.

Right?  No one disagrees thus far?

So what happens when the Federal Government can't decide how much of the rug they are willing to pull out from under the system?  Insurers pick up their policies and go home.

It's obvious.  Why can't they say so?  Is it because, after 7 years of complaining, they didn't have a plan to repeal and replace the ACA written and ready to go?  Seven years is plenty of time, even in Washington.

And where are the Democrats?  If ever there were a time to be working on the fixes, necessary with any piece of major social legislation, it is now.  Since nothing is being legislated in public, I hope that the work is being done in private.  When the dust settles, I want a reasonable offer on the table.  

However, I don't think that now is the time to be talking about it.  I agree with Woodrow WilsonNever … murder a man who is committing suicide.  The Republican Party is doing a fine job of imploding all on its own.  

It's too bad that real people are being affected.  As a screenplay, it's fabulous.


  1. How much tax increase are we willing to pay to cover the government's share is the necessary question. The trouble with so many of us is the unwillingness to pay for what we claim we want. We want someone else to cover it or put it on the tab. It's the problem with ACA. Along with that always goes, when government gets involved-- which person and care is covered. You've doubtless heard Obama's response to that-- Government involvement in England with a baby is a current example, when your dollars are rights are outweighed (rightly or wrongly) by government decisions.

    1. dollars and rights- (on trip and using laptop to type)


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