Thursday, January 14, 2016

First World Problems

I shared a lovely lunch with lovely women in a lovely setting this afternoon.

We were all of a mind, politically, and we were all outraged.

Trump.... Cruz.... where is the Republican Party of old?.... he's a Democratic Socialist....

There was so much to be upset about.

And then someone wondered if I was as angry as they were.

And, I'm not.

We're women who drove ourselves to a public place where we shared political opinions loudly and freely.  We wore pants.  Some of us were thrice married and some of us were lapsed Catholics and no one paid us any attention at all.

Yes, Donald J Trump and Ted Cruz scare me.  No, I don't have any idea where those-who-used-to-call-themselves-Republicans have gone.  I really don't care if Bernie Sanders calls himself a Democratic Socialist or a Purple People Eater.

The sun came up this morning, and I was here to see it.  The fact that we had this conversation, that we asked these questions, in a Mexican restaurant 65 miles from our southern border, and we weren't worried about caravans of refugees or stray missiles crossing that border, was just the icing on the cake of an already Very Good Day.


  1. You make an excellent point there.

    1. I'm trying my level best to stay out of the morass of OH NO IT CANNOT BE.

  2. Me, too. I know I can't hide my head under the pillow, but it's tempting. Like your reading list. Loved Life After Life and thinking it's time for another Kate Atkinson novel.

    1. Did you "get" it? I'm so confused, I'm thinking of looking for answers (gasp) on line!


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