Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Old Barrio, In Color

On Monday, I promised you more pictures.
I tried to cull them, but I was powerless. 
Today, I'll share the colors.
On Friday, the old and new.
There was all this orange and blue.
Some of it was newly washed old adobe, the paint the only concession to the 21st century.
I was looking for a blue house with orange trim, but I was disappointed.
There was a faint whiff of Howard Johnson's about it all....that soon took on a retro aspect...
and then I forgot all about it because there was this
a softer version that made me smile.
Then, again, I'm a sucker for a functional porch.
Especially for a purple porch. 
I found the reverse a block or two further on.
and this one which seemed to poke its finger in the eye of the beholder.
With this one,
I could see a blue house against a blue sky.
Pea green would not be my first choice were I in charge.
It was sensory overload at times when they came one right after the other.
The sun got into the act,
not wanting to be excluded from the color riot.
In our family, we see these rays and say
It was that kind of a morning.


  1. This is one of my favorite things about Tucson-the colors of the houses! You'd never find these in update NY :)

    1. Or on Long Island! We drove down a side street on the way to G'ma's house to look at the purple house in Atlantic Beach - the one and only!

  2. Beautiful colors! Loved the blue house with blue sky behind :)

  3. Brilliant colors! I agree with Becca, you'd never find that in Pennsylvania either!!

    1. When the ground is brown and the critters nibble every annual in the ground, house paint is often the only alternative!

  4. Beautiful photos! A colorful house has so much more character. If I had one I would paint it orange and some complimentary colors.

    1. So would I! Unfortunately, husband is not amused when I suggest that we brighten up the palette!

  5. I love these pictures, they are so Tucson :-) Now if I could just convince my husband we need a little more color on our own house!

    1. Perhaps you and I can buy a place and paint it to our hearts' delight.... the boys can come and visit, if they'd like :)


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