Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Facilities and Their Parking Lots

I was at a planning meeting today.  Many agencies and constituencies were represented.  Some of the representatives were wearing impressive uniforms with shiny badges.  Some of the representatives could have used a shave.  

Some participants spoke in answer to every statement, every comment, every question.  Some said nothing at all.  No one dozed off, although I noted several smart-phone-checks.  Only one person left mid-stream to take a call; I'm finding that to be quite less than the norm these days.  

Those with the most power never said a word.  Those representing entities which report to Boards were the most invested in the minutiae.  That's where the parking lots come in.  

Parking will be an issue.  Whether dignitaries show up and complicate matters, or whether it's 12 people and 2 dogs, the preparations are the same.  No one wants to be caught off guard.  We all agree that planning for more is better than being surprised and unprepared.  It's somewhat overwhelming for me to think about, but everyone else at the table had a "been there, done that" attitude which helped to calm me down.

Actually, that's not entirely true.  The parking lot people had done this before and they were quite anxious and that was easily transmitted across the table and down into my soul.  "Our lot is designed for slow moving traffic." "Our registration takes place that morning."  "People use our facility quite heavily at that time of year."  "Will the signs be visible from both directions?  Our members might get confused."  "I'll hear complaints ...."

And none of those were calming thoughts.

Answers were given and plans were made and if really important people plan to show up none of our plans will be useful at all but we are on our way to knowing what will happen, who will need what forms, who will call whom.  Several constituencies have yet to weigh in.  I'm going on a golf cart to survey the route tomorrow.  There are many more facts to be gathered, but the process is moving forward.

The parking lot people are still anxious.  I don't know what to do to assuage their pain.  I have so many many many other things on my mind right now that parking lots make me want to laugh or cry or scream or wonder why in the world people need to assume obstacles before they've heard the plan.  

I need to take a cue from those with the most power.  I have to learn not to say a word.  I have to learn to take it in and use what is necessary and toss the rest.  It's a worthy goal..... might I be able to work it up into a resolution?

Great.  Just what I need.  Another project.   


  1. "I have to learn not to say a word."

    This has been one of my two New Year's Resolutions since childhood. I have made no noticeable progress in all these decades, but I've not entirely given up hope. If you get anywhere with this, please post details. I need all the encouragement I can get.

  2. Gosh, I should be putting that on my resolution list too. Sometimes I think I should just keep my mouth shut and just sit back, but it's not really me. AB, not sure that's you either. That's one of the things we all admire about you. You are forthright and you speak your mind.

    Don't change who you are. ;)

    Megan xxx

  3. My mom tried to get me to learn that as a child, and I'm still ignoring it. I do think it is a worthy resolution!

  4. I love love love the fact that you 3 all have the same issue :) Is that why we read one another and comment and laugh? I love my denizens!!


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